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Summer Classes: 4th & 5th Grade Students

In Summer 2009, ATS inaugurated a new program for students in 4th and 5th grades. Students can gain their first experience in an ATS-style class as they discover new approaches to traditional topics and explore enrichment opportunities in new subject areas.

Classes are scheduled in one-week sessions for a total of 12.5 hours for the week. Morning and afternoon classes are available.

2014 Summer Session Dates: 4/5 Program
Session 1 June 16 to June 20
Session 2 June 23 to June 27
Session 3 July 7 to July 11
Session 4 July 14 to July 18
Session 5 July 21 to July 25


Classes planned for Summer 2014 include:

  • Beginning Conversational Japanese
  • Chemistry: Everyday Phenomena
  • Draw Like a Pro
  • Engineering: Roller Coasters
  • Fun with Algebra
  • Greek Mythology
  • Gross Anatomy
  • LEGO Robotics
  • Messy Science
  • Reader's Theater
  • Skateboard Science
  • Solving Mysteries with Science
  • Wildlife Drawing

Cost Overview
ATS is a nonprofit, self-supporting program which receives no federal or state funding. Course fees for the 2014 4/5 Program are $335 per class. Financial aid is available.

ATS provides supervision during class time only. ATS staff do not escort students to and from class.

Parents will be required to sign a Policy Agreement form to indicate their choice between 1) an authorized adult signing their student in and out of class each day, or 2) allowing their student to leave class without adult accompaniment and verifying the student is mature enough to be on campus independently without supervision. More information will be included in students' admission packets.


Student in class

Getting Involved in the
4/5 Program

  1. Be a current 4th or 5th grader (as of January 1)
  2. Take the Qualifying Exam: Intermediate Level
  3. Use your test scores to determine which classes best match your abilities

4/5 Catalog cover Summer 2014 (7.9 MB)