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Admission Process

Every attempt is made to offer eligible students admission in their requested classes. However, ATS often receives more requests for courses than there are seats available. The more flexible students can be in making their selections, the greater the chance of being offered admission to a course and attending the program.


Provide the Correct Information

Course admissions are made with the aid of a computer program. It is very important that students list the correct ATS class name, section, code, dates, days, and times on the application. ATS is not responsible for erroneous offers due to incorrect class information on the application.


How Admissions are Made


The computer generates a roster for each class which lists all qualified students who submit a complete application by the deadline. Students are ranked in descending order according to their test scores.

Students who meet both the grade and score requirement for a course are offered admission from the highest test score down until the class is filled.
Students who have already taken a course during a previous ATS session and wish to repeat the same class will receive lower priority than those applicants who are seeking to take the course for the first time.

Whether or not a student has participated in ATS before has no bearing on class admissions. Likewise, students who did not receive their first choices in the past have no priority over new applicants.


If space remains in a class after all qualified students are offered admission, then students who do not meet the score or grade requirements may be considered.

Students who do not receive their first choice may be considered for their alternate selection (if provided). If both the primary and alternate courses are already filled, or if no alternate was listed, the student is added to the waiting list for their first choice. Applicants who are offered admission in an alternate choice will not be placed on a waiting list for their first choice. Regardless of circumstances, ATS cannot guarantee admission to any student.



Students in class
Admission Order
  1. All qualified students who submit complete applications by the printed deadline (placed top score down).
  2. Students who do not meet course requirements who submitted complete applications by the printed deadline.
  3. Students who submit their applications after the printed deadline (placed on a date received, space available basis).